I wrote my own generator, from console its launched like this

rails generate ead_document TechnicalOpinion --document_type_id=1

It creates model and migration. I want to execute generator from my controller without using ruby system command. Is there any way to do that?


Solution appears to be pretty simple:

This code in controller

Rails::Generators.invoke("ead_document", [@document_type.table_name.classify, "--document_type_id=#{@document_type.id}"])

is the same as this in console

rails generate ead_document TechnicalOpinion --document_type_id=1
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    Could you please open a new question about the API thing rather than answering with a question? That way we have the questions & answers searchable. – Ryan Bigg Nov 2 '10 at 21:01
  • I blogged about it with a different perspective: I wrote an article about it: medium.com/@kdiogenes/… – Kadu Diógenes Aug 2 '19 at 1:48
  • This solution has a big problem, the options array does not get populated from the args provided. I am still trying to figure out why. I tried setting ARGV.replace(args) still no luck. any suggestions? – Hrishikesh Jul 16 '20 at 12:36

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