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The text editor that I am using is Brackets. I am encountering an error message when I try to use console.log in any JS file.

1 - Create/Open an JS file

2 - Type console.log('hello world');

3 - Save the file

JSLint Problem:

error message in JSLint 'console' was used before it was defined.

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Use the devel option:

true if browser globals that are useful in development should be predefined, and if debugger statements and TODO comments should be allowed. It adds the same globals as this directive:

alert, confirm, console, prompt

Be sure to turn this option off before going into production.

So at the top of your script add this line:

 /*jslint devel: true */
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    Thank you , I added /*jslint devel: true */ to the top of my file. – mruss24 Nov 26 '16 at 11:07

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