This is my code for the render of Dropdown menu using react-bootstrap,

        <SplitButton title={this.state.title}>
          {Object.keys(dict).map(key => <MenuItem id={dict[key]} key={dict[key]} href={`#${dict[key]}`} onSelect={() => this.onTargetSelect(key,dict[key])}>{key}</MenuItem>)}

I get the following error,

Failed propType: The prop `id` is required to make `Dropdown` accessible for users of assistive technologies such as screen readers. Check the render method of `Uncontrolled(Dropdown)`.

I don't have an id propType.

What am I doing wrong?

  • I think that's the point of the message. You're missing id on the Dropdown and need to include it. – Ouroborus Nov 26 '16 at 22:44
  • That's what I'm failing to understand, where? – user6761897 Nov 26 '16 at 22:51
  • I'm going to guess it's on SplitButton. Seems that that's an implied Dropdown as mentioned here. – Ouroborus Nov 26 '16 at 22:55

dropDowns need a valid id, because it is a required prop for the component.


Provide an id to the component. It will work fine.

<SplitButton bsStyle={title.toLowerCase()} title={title} key={i} id={exampleId}>
      <MenuItem eventKey="1">Action</MenuItem>
      <MenuItem eventKey="2">Another action</MenuItem>
      <MenuItem eventKey="3">Something else here</MenuItem>
      <MenuItem divider />
      <MenuItem eventKey="4">Separated link</MenuItem>

Try to change

<SplitButton title={this.state.title}>


<SplitButton title={this.state.title} id="splitButtonMenu">

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