I'm trying to print all the values from an object that inherits from a class, here is my example:

I create the class:

 class Pokemon {

 var name: String?
 var type: String?
 var level: Int?
 var exp = 0.0

Create the object and assign some values:

var pikachu = Pokemon()

pikachu.name = "Pika Pika"
pikachu.level = 1
pikachu.type = "electricity"
pikachu.exp = 0

Now I would like to loop through all the pikachu object attributes and print the values. I'm thinking in a for each loop but I'm not sure how to implement it.

I know I can do something like this:

func printStats(pokemon: Pokemon) {

if pokemon.name != nil {

    print(" name: \(pokemon.name!)\n level:\(pokemon.level!)\n type:\(pokemon.type!)\n exp: \(pokemon.exp!)")


printStats(pokemon: pikachu)


name: Pika Pika
exp: 0.0

But I just want to loop through all values, instead of explicit writing every attribute in the function.


I found it the way of doing it:

let pokeMirror = Mirror(reflecting: pikachu)
let properties = pokeMirror.children

for property in properties {

  print("\(property.label!) = \(property.value)")



name = Optional("Pika Pika")
type = Optional("electricity")
level = Optional(1)
exp = Optional(0.0)

and if you want to remove the "Optional" just initialize the attributes.

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Looks like a duplicate of Does Swift support reflection?

Alternatively, you can use a dictionary to store the attributes of Any? type.


class Pokemon {
    var attributes = [String:Any?]()

var pikachu = Pokemon()

pikachu.attributes["name"] = "Pika Pika"
pikachu.attributes["level"] = 1
pikachu.attributes["type"] = "electricity"
pikachu.attributes["exp"] = 0

func printStats(pokemon: Pokemon) {
    pokemon.attributes.forEach { key, value in
        if let value = value {
            print("\(key): \(value)")
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