I have this Exception:

2016-11-27 16:37:28.416 Participact[8846:501284] *** NSForwarding: warning: object 0x7ff90da33110 of class 'Participact.UserResult' does not implement methodSignatureForSelector: -- trouble ahead Unrecognized selector -[Participact.UserResult replacementObjectForKeyedArchiver:]

Generated by:

let placesDataFinal = NSKeyedArchiver.archivedDataWithRootObject(self.userResults)
NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults().setObject(placesDataFinal, forKey: "places")

Where UserResults is this class:

class UserResult: JSONObject {
    lazy private(set) var taskId: Int? = self.deserializeJSON("TaskId")
    lazy private(set) var aggregato: Boolean? = self.deserializeJSON("Aggregato")
    lazy private(set) var tipo: String? = self.deserializeJSON("Tipo")
    lazy private(set) var valori: [String]? = self.deserializeJSON("Valori")

I think that for fix: inherit from UserResult by NSObject, but I cannot because it conflicts with JSONObject.

What can I do?

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The class UserResult has to implement the protocol NSCoding in order to be archived with NSKeyedArchiver.

See this link on how to implement the protocol, basically you have to implement the methods:

func encodeWithCoder(aCoder: NSCoder)
init(coder aDecoder: NSCoder)

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