I'm trying to create a Data Lake Analytics database assembly from a DLL located in Azure Blob Storage.

According to the USQL language reference guide this is possible, although doesn't give any examples as to what needs to go into the FROM reference... https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/mt763293.aspx

Here's my USQL code snippet.

CREATE ASSEMBLY IF NOT EXISTS [dbo].[PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions] 
FROM "https://RemovedActual.net/datafactorysupportingfiles/PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions.dll";

I can successfully create the assembly if I reference the DLL is in the context of Data Lake Storage. Like this:

CREATE ASSEMBLY IF NOT EXISTS [dbo].[PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions] 
FROM "Assemblies/PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions.dll";

This works, probably because Visual Studio understands where my Data Lake local root directory is etc. However I don't want the DLL stored here.


I have tried changing the access permissions on my blob storage container to allow public read access. Which gives the following error during a local summit:

E_CSC_USER_CANNOTREADASSEMBLY: Cannot create assembly 'dbo.[PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions]' because file 'https://RemovedActual.net/datafactorysupportingfiles/PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions.dll' could not be read.

I have also tried creating an Shared Access Signature URI for the file. Which gives this error during a local summit:

E_CSC_USER_INVALIDFILENAME: Invalid file name: 'https://RemovedActual.net/datafactorysupportingfiles/PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions.dll?st=2016-11-28T09%3A52%3A00Z&se=2016-11-29T09%3A52%3A00Z&sp=r&sv=2015-12-11&sr=c&sig=RemovedActual'. Illegal characters in path.

I'm not sure what else I can do here to reference the DLL. Is the language guide wrong? Is this actually possible? What am I missing?

Many thanks for your time and assistance.


U-SQL currently only understands the wasb and adl URI schemes and not http(s).

Can you use the wasb scheme that points to your blob storage container and dll?


CREATE ASSEMBLY IF NOT EXISTS [dbo].[PurpleFrog.DataLakeHelperFunctions] 
FROM "wasb://container@account/helperfunctions/DataLakeHelperFunctions.dll";

Note that you will have to register the blob store account with your ADL account (you can do so through the portal).

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