I have this element:


<div id="resultado"></div>


        _handleResponse: function(event){
            console.log("_handleResponse... ");
            // this.$.resultado.innerHTML = event.detail.innerHTML;

The response I see in Firebug is:

<p>Hello word</p>

I want to access the response in _handleResponse function in order to set it as innerHTML of the resultado div, but nothing works.

I have tried:

If I debug and watch e.detail.response value when in on-response function:

e.detail.response is null

In network tab I can see the response (simple 'hello'):

Response in network tab


The response data is in fact returned in event.detail.response of the <iron-ajax>.response event. Your response field is null because you've misconfigured <iron-ajax>.handleAs. When you set it to json, the Accept-Type header is set to application/json and any response would be parsed with JSON.parse(). If your server ignores Accept-Type and sends whatever it wants, <iron-request> will attempt to parse the response as JSON and fail, causing a null response body per the spec. Note that hello and <p>Hello</p> are not valid JSON strings.

If you want to receive plaintext data, set <iron-ajax>.handleAs to text (the default is json).

Demo of <iron-ajax handle-as="text">

Demo of <iron-ajax handle-as="json">

The question you linked asks about the <iron-ajax>.error event, which has a different event detail than the <iron-ajax>.response event.

When <iron-ajax> receives a server response, it fires the response event with the corresponding <iron-request> as the event detail.

If the request fails for any reason, <iron-ajax> fires the error event with an object (containing the iron-request via the request attribute, and the underlying error via error) as the event detail.

  • e.detail.response is null for me. I have edited my post and upload some inspect screenshots – Jaime Nov 29 '16 at 10:13
  • @Jaime The problem is you've configured <iron-ajax> to expect JSON, but your service is sending plaintext or HTML. See updated answer. – tony19 Nov 29 '16 at 11:30
  • Great! That was it. I have changed to 'text' and now it works! Thanks! – Jaime Nov 29 '16 at 13:30

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