Last couple of days we were discussing at another question the best to manage randomness in a RESTful way; today I went to play a little bit with some ideas in Django only to find that there is no easy standard way of returning a 303 response (nor a 300 one, btw), that is, there doesn't seem to exist an HttpResponseSeeOther inside django.HTTP or in another place.

Do you know any means for achieving this?


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You could just override HttpResponse, like the other Responses do:

class HttpResponseSeeOther(HttpResponseRedirect):
    status_code = 303

return HttpResponseSeeOther('/other-url/')
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    You could also file this as a ticket with a patch.
    – gak
    Commented Jan 3, 2009 at 3:33

The generic HttpResponse object lets you specify any status code you want:

response = HttpResponse(content="", status=303)
response["Location"] = "http://example.com/redirect/here/"

If you need something re-usable then Gerald's answer is definitely valid; simply create your own HttpResponseSeeOther class. Django only provides these specific classes for a few of the most common status codes.

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