Hi i am quite new to lua and i need to sort an Array in Lua.

So i have following code

local distances = {2,3,1}

now i get

  • distances[1] -> 1
  • distances[2] -> 2
  • distances[3] -> 3

now i need to save some information for my "distances" aswell something like the following

local distances = {{C1,2},{C2,3},{C3,1}}

now it is impossible to call the sort-function, but i need them sorted. Is it possible to reach this?

  • distances[1] -> {C3,1}
  • distances[2] -> {C2,2}
  • distances[3] -> {C1,3}

Thanks guys :)


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table.sort takes a comparison function as its second argument.

table.sort(distances, function (left, right)
    return left[2] < right[2]

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