I am New to Integrate Payment Gateway.

How to Redirect a URL after Success or Failure Payments in Razorpay. I want Js Code. I thing handler function can use that redirect. How to Use them

var options = {
    "key": "rzp_test_aIfnpuWEudWnID",
    "amount": "35000", // 2000 paise = INR 20
    "name": "Vanakkam Chennai",
    "description": "I Run.. Becasue .. I Care",
    "image": "http://vanakkamchennai.com/images/about/chennai_2017.jpg",
    "callback_url": 'https://www.google.com',
    "handler": function (response){


    "prefill": {
        "name": "Harshil Mathur",
        "email": "harshil@razorpay.com"
    "notes": {
        "address": "Hello World"
    "theme": {
        "color": "#F37254"
  • if the transaction is failure , the handler is not called..how do i call the handler in case of failure ? – Sathya Narayanan GVK Oct 21 '20 at 11:28

The way to redirect a user is to alter the value of location.href. Remove alert(response.razorpay_payment_id); and redirect the user based on if the payment id is defined or not:

// alert(response.razorpay_payment_id);
if (typeof response.razorpay_payment_id == 'undefined' ||  response.razorpay_payment_id < 1) {
  redirect_url = '/you-owe-money.html';
} else {
  redirect_url = '/thnx-you-paid.html';
location.href = redirect_url;

My example urls are humorous; replace them with your actual urls. Also, you can read more detailed information on location.href and location redirection here.

  • can we have any action over else part ? – Godwin Dec 5 '18 at 7:50
  • @godwin yes! you can have any action in the else block! let your creative juices flow! – WEBjuju Dec 5 '18 at 13:43
  • 1
    but other application parts out of the razorpay option variable is not accessible in the else part , it allows only redirection , so i achieved my need only after redirection – Godwin Dec 6 '18 at 5:54
  • i really don't have any suggestions for you; but, if it were me, i would console.log(response) and go from there. i am glad that you achieved your need, even if only after redirection. – WEBjuju Dec 7 '18 at 2:12
  • 1
    understood..will do the same @WEBjuju – Sathya Narayanan GVK Oct 22 '20 at 7:40

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