Here is the code. After debugging i am getting that instead of going into onStartSuccess method the code goes into onStartFailure method. But in the onStartFailure method i am not getting the particular error although i set the log. But i do not see any log regarding the error. And this code also not working i mean no output after discovering. So please see and point out my fault. I am totally clueless here. Thanks in advance for the help.

import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter;
import android.bluetooth.le.AdvertiseCallback;
import android.bluetooth.le.AdvertiseData;
import android.bluetooth.le.AdvertiseSettings;
import android.bluetooth.le.BluetoothLeAdvertiser;
import android.bluetooth.le.BluetoothLeScanner;
import android.bluetooth.le.ScanCallback;
import android.bluetooth.le.ScanFilter;
import android.bluetooth.le.ScanResult;
import android.bluetooth.le.ScanSettings;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.os.Handler;
import android.os.ParcelUuid;
import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity;
import android.text.TextUtils;
import android.util.Log;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.TextView;
import android.widget.Toast;

import java.nio.charset.Charset;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.UUID;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements View.OnClickListener {

    private TextView mText;
    private Button mAdvertiseButton;
    private Button mDiscoverButton;

    private static final String TAG = "MyActivity";

    private BluetoothLeScanner mBluetoothLeScanner;
    private Handler mHandler = new Handler();

    private ScanCallback mScanCallback = new ScanCallback() {
        public void onScanResult(int callbackType, ScanResult result) {
            super.onScanResult(callbackType, result);
            if( result == null
                    || result.getDevice() == null
                    || TextUtils.isEmpty(result.getDevice().getName()) )

            StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder( result.getDevice().getName() );

            builder.append("\n").append(new String(result.getScanRecord().getServiceData(result.getScanRecord().getServiceUuids().get(0)), Charset.forName("UTF-8")));


        public void onBatchScanResults(List<ScanResult> results) {

        public void onScanFailed(int errorCode) {
            Log.e( "BLE", "Discovery onScanFailed: " + errorCode );

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        mText = (TextView) findViewById( R.id.text );
        mDiscoverButton = (Button) findViewById( R.id.discover_btn );
        mAdvertiseButton = (Button) findViewById( R.id.advertise_btn );

        mDiscoverButton.setOnClickListener( this );
        mAdvertiseButton.setOnClickListener( this );

        mBluetoothLeScanner = BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter().getBluetoothLeScanner();

        if( !BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter().isMultipleAdvertisementSupported() ) {
            Toast.makeText( this, "Multiple advertisement not supported", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT ).show();
            mAdvertiseButton.setEnabled( false );
            mDiscoverButton.setEnabled( false );

    private void discover() {
        List<ScanFilter> filters = new ArrayList<ScanFilter>();

        ScanFilter filter = new ScanFilter.Builder()
                .setServiceUuid( new ParcelUuid(UUID.fromString( getString(R.string.ble_uuid ) ) ) )
        filters.add( filter );

        ScanSettings settings = new ScanSettings.Builder()
                .setScanMode( ScanSettings.SCAN_MODE_LOW_LATENCY )

        mBluetoothLeScanner.startScan(filters, settings, mScanCallback);

        mHandler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
        }, 10000);

    private void advertise() {
        BluetoothLeAdvertiser advertiser = BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter().getBluetoothLeAdvertiser();

        AdvertiseSettings settings = new AdvertiseSettings.Builder()
                .setAdvertiseMode( AdvertiseSettings.ADVERTISE_MODE_LOW_LATENCY )
                .setTxPowerLevel( AdvertiseSettings.ADVERTISE_TX_POWER_HIGH )

        ParcelUuid pUuid = new ParcelUuid( UUID.fromString( getString( R.string.ble_uuid ) ) );

        AdvertiseData data = new AdvertiseData.Builder()
                .setIncludeDeviceName( false )
                .addServiceUuid( pUuid )
                .addServiceData( pUuid, "D".getBytes(Charset.forName("UTF-8") ) )

        AdvertiseCallback advertisingCallback = new AdvertiseCallback() {
            public void onStartSuccess(AdvertiseSettings settingsInEffect) {

            public void onStartFailure(int errorCode) {
                String description = "";
                if (errorCode == AdvertiseCallback.ADVERTISE_FAILED_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED) {
                    description = "ADVERTISE_FAILED_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED";
                } else if (errorCode == AdvertiseCallback.ADVERTISE_FAILED_TOO_MANY_ADVERTISERS) {
                    description = "ADVERTISE_FAILED_TOO_MANY_ADVERTISERS";
                } else if (errorCode == AdvertiseCallback.ADVERTISE_FAILED_ALREADY_STARTED) {
                    description = "ADVERTISE_FAILED_ALREADY_STARTED";
                } else if (errorCode == AdvertiseCallback.ADVERTISE_FAILED_DATA_TOO_LARGE) {
                    description = "ADVERTISE_FAILED_DATA_TOO_LARGE";
                } else if (errorCode == AdvertiseCallback.ADVERTISE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR) {
                    description = "ADVERTISE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR";
                } else {
                    description = "unknown";
                Log.i(TAG, "error: " + description);

        advertiser.startAdvertising( settings, data, advertisingCallback );

    public void onClick(View v) {
        if( v.getId() == R.id.discover_btn ) {
        } else if( v.getId() == R.id.advertise_btn ) {
  • The getBluetoothLeAdvertiser() method call may return null and you should handle that to avoid crashes on devices that do not support BLE advertising. All devices do not. Which model are you trying it on? – Markus Kauppinen Nov 30 '16 at 12:33
  • 1
    Nexus 5x and it is BLE supported – K.Malu Nov 30 '16 at 12:34
  • The location permission is needed (in latest Android versions) for Bluetooth LE scanning as the device can be located based on the Bluetooth activity. See for example Location requirement to scan for BLE devices unless of course you were already aware of this. And I think the android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission is needed for advertising. – Markus Kauppinen Nov 30 '16 at 18:10
  • already all permissions are there but still it is not working. If possible please run the code yourself and check. BTW thanks for your comment and suggestions – K.Malu Nov 30 '16 at 20:16

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