I have tried:

APushService := TPushServiceManager.Instance.GetServiceByName(TPushService.TServiceNames.GCM);
APushService.AppProps[TPushService.TAppPropNames.GCMAppID] := '"mobilesdk_app_id" '; // my "mobilesdk_app_id" from google-services.json
AServiceConnection := TPushServiceConnection.Create(APushService);
AServiceConnection.Active := True;
AServiceConnection.OnChange := OnServiceConnectionChange;
AServiceConnection.OnReceiveNotification := OnReceiveNotificationEvent;

ADeviceID := APushService.DeviceIDValue[TPushService.TDeviceIDNames.DeviceID];
AdeviceToken := APushService.DeviceTokenValue[TPushService.TDeviceTokenNames.DeviceToken];

ADeviceID comes up correctly, by AdeviceToken comes up blank.

it's because:

APushService.AppProps[TPushService.TAppPropNames.GCMAppID] := '"mobilesdk_app_id" 

is wrong and this property does not relate to the mobilesdk_app_id. It's related to the SENDER ID. This value can be found under settings -> cloud messaging -> sender Id. Once you put this value, you will receive the token.

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