First I load the file with SWI-Prolog

$ swipl file.pl

then I modify the file and save.

Now how do I reload the file like

?- reload

for this modified file.pl?

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SWI-Prolog has a predicate make/0 for this purpose:

?- make.

Note that SWI-Prolog has a handy feature for searching the manual for keywords:

?- apropos(reload).

Points you (among other things) to Section 3.3 of the manual: "The test-edit-reload cycle", which mentions this.


Make will reload all source files that have been changed since they were loaded, but if you need to reload an specific file you can use reload_file:

?- make:reload_file(source_file).

The answer I keep coming back here looking for is in the Windows/Emacs environment of SWI Prolog, after editing a file Ctrl-S to save it and Ctrl-C Ctrl-M inside the editor to trigger the reload.

NB. it does not work in the toplevel, where Ctrl-C triggers an interrupt.

From the editreload section in the manual mentioned by Isabella Newbie's answer.

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