In Angular 2 template driven forms, I can write

<form #form="ngForm">

ngForm is a FormGroup, as fare as I could understand. How do I grab that object in the corresponding component?

class FormComponent {
    formGroup: FormGroup;    // How do I have the form INJECTED AUTOMATICALLY by the framework? Something like a ViewChild, but it's not a view

It must be simple but the documentation only shows how to use the form in the template.


EDIT: the type of what I want to grab is NgForm, not FormGroup!


You can access any template variable from the component using ViewChild decorator. In you case:

class FormComponent {
    @ViewChild('form') formGroup;
    ngOnInit() {
        this.formGroup.statusChanges().subscribe(() => {
            // Your code here!
        console.log(this.formGroup); // Inspect the object for other available property and methods.
  • I had tried to do like u said but also used read: ViewContainerRef. That was wrong. Omitting the read option yields an NgForm, which is the actual type of the object I want, not FormGroup as I believed. I understood this by looking at this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/36583078/… – Etchelon Dec 1 '16 at 11:26

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