Is there a way to detect a request error in Angular 2 property bindings that make Http requests, like [link] and [src].

My situation is I have an object with

  local: '/images/abc.jpg',
  remote: 'http://linkToImage.jpg'

And the template

<img [src]="local">

So I'm trying to point to remote when local returns a 404 or request error.


I am not sure if this work or not but can you try doing this with ternary operators

<img src="{{enquiry.buyer_email ? '/images/ico_yes.png' : '/images/ico_no.png'}}">

Or something like this with binary operators:

<img src="{{enquiry.buyer_email && '/images/ico_yes.png' || '/images/ico_no.png'}}">

replace values with remote and local

  • ternary operator will look for a falsy value. In this case, the value is not falsy, it is defined. The only difference is that it is a path that returns a 404 not found when called via http. – Ganga Nov 30 '16 at 18:38
  • 1
    Listen to the error event of the image element: <img [src]="someUrl" (error)="updateUrl($event)">.. check out this link stackoverflow.com/questions/36429903/… – Amit kumar Nov 30 '16 at 18:47

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