Problem : I am having this exception being thrown, while I am trying to Validate a Business Object named StudyEnvironment using Sprint.NET Validation from config file.

'StudyEnvironment' node cannot be resolved for the specified context [Validation.Models.StudyEnvironment].

Below are steps to reproduce exception, it's thrown on last line.

Question : Am I missing something in here? Do I need to declare my Business Object in some xml format in config file? Or Spring.NET just picks it magically, I am a newbie to Spring.NET.

Step 1 : Defined a class

namespace Validation.Models
    public class StudyEnvironment
        private Guid id;
        public String Name { get; set; }

        public StudyEnvironment()
   = Guid.NewGuid();

Added Validation Section in web.config

    <sectionGroup name="spring">      
      <section name="parsers" type="Spring.Context.Support.NamespaceParsersSectionHandler, Spring.Core"/>
      <section name="context" type="Spring.Context.Support.ContextHandler, Spring.Core" />
      <section name="objects" type="Spring.Context.Support.DefaultSectionHandler, Spring.Core" />
    <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0" />
        <resource uri="config://spring/objects" />
      <objects xmlns="" xmlns:v="">        
        <v:group id="envValidator">
          <v:required id="environmentValidator" test="StudyEnvironment.Name">
            <v:message id="error.environmentName.required" providers="errors"/>
        <parser type="Spring.Validation.Config.ValidationNamespaceParser, Spring.Core" />

Step 3 : Validation Call

StudyEnvironment env = new StudyEnvironment();
env.Name = "test";

IValidator validator = ContextRegistry.GetContext().GetObject("envValidator") as IValidator;
IValidationErrors validationErrors = new ValidationErrors();
bool isValid = validator.Validate(env, validationErrors);
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try this :

<v:group id="envValidator">
   <v:required id="environmentValidator" test="Name">
      <v:message id="error.environmentName.required" providers="errors"/>
  • This works, thanks, It was easier than I was thinking it would be :) – Usman Nov 4 '10 at 11:35

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