Here's the error I was getting in VS2015: "One or more checked work items failed the transition testing due to invalid field values. Please correct the values and retry the check-in."


I had this when checking in an associated work item and flagging the item as resolved. So

  1. Work item in in progress
  2. Check in with this work item marked as resolved
  3. Work item is updated to ready to test


the work item can't move into the new state as it needs additional information. In my case TFS is set to assign the bug back to the person that raised it. It was such an old bug that the person raising it had left the company and doesn't exist in TFS - hence the error.

Moral of the story - fix bugs quicker.

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    This ultimately became my fix as well, to simply mark it as "associate" instead of "resolve." Thanks, also I love crab buckets with lemon and butter. – Eric Milliot-Martinez May 24 '17 at 18:29
  • I had similar problem. Opened work item via browser and noticed a rule related with original estimate field. If you have a rules on work items, you can check them additionally. – Omer Faruk Zorlu Jan 28 '19 at 13:19

In my case, I was forced to do the Associate since I got the error message. When I went into the Work Item in VSTS I manually resolved it and it prompted me to set a required field. Were that required field set, the Resolve from Visual Studio would have worked.

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    I.e. -- on the Work Item row, select "Associate" in the dropdown. Then Check-in again. – Don Cheadle May 17 '19 at 16:14

As a workaround : Create a new task/bug in your VSTS for whichever story. Then assign your check in to that work-item. That's what the error is somewhat saying... Difficult for me to decipher at first, hope this helps others.

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