I need to create a lookup table/dictionary/map in my Makefile to look up key-value information.

I have been trying to use ifeq statements to do the same thing but my statements seem to fail:

# this gets the account id from the current user's ARN, you must have the AWS CLI and jq installed
AWS_ACCOUNT_ID:=$(shell aws iam get-user | jq -r '.User.Arn' | awk -F ':' '{print $$5;}')

# define a friendly account name for output
ifeq ($(AWS_ACCOUNT_ID), 123456)

ifeq ($(AWS_ACCOUNT_ID), 789012)

ifeq ($(AWS_ACCOUNT_ID), 345678)

It seems to only work with the first value 123456 but not with others.

Is there a way to define a dictionary/map in Make to simply look up the account friendly name by the key of the account id?

  • I did a cut and paste of your code, and hard coded AWS_ACCOUNT_ID, and it seems to work. Likely your shell command is not returning the correct value. – John Dec 1 '16 at 20:42

I can't explain why you don't see the behavior you expect: I would verify that the value of AWS_ACCOUNT_ID is what you expect: maybe your shell script is not doing what you want. Try adding something like:

AWS_ACCOUNT_ID := $(shell ...)

and see what you get.

However related to your more general question, I prefer to use constructed macro names when dealing with situations like this, instead of lots of ifeq values:

AWS_123456_FRIENDLY := staging
AWS_789012_FRIENDLY := preprod
AWS_345678_FRIENDLY := production

AWS_ACCOUNT_ID := $(shell ...)

  • The macros are EXACTLY what I'm looking to do. Thank you! – Naftuli Kay Dec 1 '16 at 21:28

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