I am working on Ionic 2 project and I want to configure it for a different environment like Development and Production. But, I have no idea where to put config files in ionic 2. Are there any ways to put config file and run commands


ionic build android --prod


ionic build android --dev

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There seems to be a ticket for that already:



I used ionic-configuration-service and it worked fine for me.


Webpack plugin can be used webpack-environment-suffix-plugin to setup several environments for ionic.

Install plugin

npm install webpack-environment-suffix-plugin --save

Create your own webpack.config.js file.

const webpackConfig = require('@ionic/app-scripts/config/webpack.config');
const EnvironmentSuffixPlugin = require('webpack-environment-suffix-plugin');

const ionicEnv = ['prod', 'dev'];

const addPluginToWebpackConfig = (config, env) => {
  const plugins = config[env].plugins || [];

  config[env].plugins = [
    new EnvironmentSuffixPlugin({
      ext: 'ts',
      suffix: process.env.NODE_ENV || 'dev'

  return config;

module.exports = () => ionicEnv.reduce(addPluginToWebpackConfig, webpackConfig);

Update package.json

"scripts": {
    "build": "<you build script>",
    "build:prod": "NODE_ENV=\"prod\" npm run build",
    "build:dev": "NODE_ENV=\"dev\" npm run build",
    "build:test": "NODE_ENV=\"qa\" npm run build
"config": {
   // path to a new webpack config file.
   "ionic_webpack": "./webpack.config.js" 

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