I uninstalled the maven plugin but when trying to run the project that was perfectly running before the plugin I have "Referenced classpath provider does not exist: org.maven.ide.eclipse.launchconfig.classpathprovider". I assume I have to change the launch configuration for the project. Can anyone provide the steps to do so? Thank you.

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This helped me http://sha.nnoncarey.com/blog/archives/33

If you get this error when launching a Run Configuration in Eclipse with the IAM (Maven) >plugin:

Referenced classpath provider does not exist: >org.maven.ide.eclipse.launchconfig.classpathProvider

It’s probably because your Run Configuration was created on an old project, and has bad >entries in the Classpath section. The solution is to delete the Run Configuration and create >a new one.


The project could be having old/incorrect settings. Assuming it is a maven project, one possibility is you could regenerate the Eclipse settings for the project by

mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse


This link helped me: http://osdir.com/ml/web.webobjects.woproject.devel/2005-09/msg00090.html

I commented out string with CLASSPATH_PROVIDER.

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