In webpack's getting started page, under the section about webpack-dev-server it mentions -

The dev server uses webpack’s watch mode. It also prevents webpack from emitting the resulting files to disk. Instead it keeps and serves the resulting files from memory.

Does this mean that the bundled file webpack-dev-server compiles is only kept in memory, and I have to also leave webpack --watch running in the background along with the dev-server process to actually save the compiled file to my hard drive?


webpack-dev-server apparently does not compile your code to disk, but rather keeps it in memory. This means you need to either manually compile your changes, or run webpack --watch in the background as you make changes if you want the changes reflected in your compiled file. I learned the hard way.

After digging a little deeper into the webpack-dev-server docs:

This modified bundle is served from memory at the relative path specified in publicPath (see API). It will not be written to your configured output directory. Where a bundle already exists at the same URL path, the bundle in memory takes precedence (by default).

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