I'm trying to sort a Frame by the keys in Deedle. There is a method available to do this in ascending order (SortRowsByKey), but I need it in descending order. I'd rather not have to rip apart and recreate the frame just to do this.

Any suggestions?


I have had success using the Frame.RealignRows() method. It will order rows based on the order of the Rowkeys provided. Combine RealignRows() with RowKeys.Reverse() and you should get the desired result!

df = df.RealignRows(df.RowKeys.Reverse());

What you can do is to sort and reverse your results. Bad news is - Frame does not support reversing. Good news is - Series does support reversing. And each of your columns in the frame is a series.

So to sort in descending order these are the steps: 1. Sort the frame. 2. Revers each column. 3. Use the reversed columns to build a new frame.

// Sort the data frame by ColumnA
var sorted = dataFrame.SortRows("ColumnA");

// Build a new frame
var reversedFrame = 

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