I am developing a modular web Angular 2 dart application, where modules are interchangeable and each carry its own responsibility/function. I started with the following link:

https://angular.io/docs/dart/latest/guide/ngmodule.html, but the documentation is not finished... I continued with the TypeScript reference, where i learned @NgModule

I tried implementing @NgModule but couldn't even find it in the dart packages source code, how can i accomplish grouping of Multiple Components, Directives, their services, and pipes in Dart? Is there anything like @NgModule as in TypeScript?

I tried bootstraping multiple App Root Components, which worked, but i don't believe it is a right solution to the problem. And if not how can i share data in between?

in my main.dart i have:

    import 'package:angular2/platform/browser.dart';
    import 'package:test/app_component.dart';
    import 'package:test/app1_component.dart';

    main() {

Where AppComponent and App1Component are root app components; Would this be equivalent to @NgModule in https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/guide/ngmodule.html


Angular2 Dart doesn't have the concept of modules. NgModule was introduced mainly to allow lazy loading of parts of the application. Since Dart allows lazy loading (called deferred loading in Dart) by default, there was no need to implement NgModule.

Here's an article about lazy loading in Angular2 Dart: https://medium.com/@matanlurey/lazy-loading-with-angular-dart-14f58004f988#.6ryctgg5q

There's also a repo that illustrates how you can lazily load specific routes: https://github.com/kulshekhar/angular-dart-routing-lazy-loading

Using this, you can use interchangeable components in places where you were using interchangeable modules


AngularDart does use a Module https://angulardart.dev/glossary#M

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