I have a form linked to a table. I am trying to use the me.dirty function to see if the user changed anything. For now I put the code msgbox(me.dirty) in the form close button to determine what is happening. When some fields are changed i get true others i get false. For now I am only changing one field at a time. I have determined that if I look at the table before I close the form, if the table matches the form me.dirty is false. if not then me.dirty is true. this makes sense I dirty=true when the form does not match the table.

What I cannot figure out is why some field match the table and others do not until the form is closed. For example I have two check boxes one is always matching the table as soon as i check or uncheck it and dirty = false. The other one does not change the table until I close the form and dirty=true. Iv'e looked at all the properties of the two check boxes and they are the same.

I also have two drop downs that give me dirty=true and two text boxes that always give me dirty = false. (both cases when the field is changed.)

Any help would be appreciated as I am stumped right now.


OK I figured it out on my own. The ones where me.dirty=false had an event after update that put focus on a subform, this updated the table and then when clicked the button to run me.dirty, it was false.

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