I have the source file, which doesn't have double quotes. (see the single line from file)

head -1 test 123|ABC|US|458764

I want to copy such records into the Postgres table say "test"

test table definition is like

\d test.txt number integer Name character varying Country character varying PIN integer

while copy this data to Postgres Copy failing, as the data didnt have "" for character data column in file.

\COPY test FROM tmp/test.txt DELIMITER '|';

How to make sure that COPY works, even when data in source file didnt have "" for character type.


It is not the case. look at example:

b=# create table t3 (a int, b character varying, c character varying, d int);
b=# copy t3 from '/var/lib/postgresql/test' DELIMITER '|';
b=# \! cat /var/lib/postgresql/test

As you can see, double quotes are not needed.

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