I'm using gitlab.com and would like to build my project with the provided shared runners.

I have a docker image which contains all dependencies to build the project. The image is located at privateregistry.example.com. My .gitlab-ci.yml file looks like this:

image: privateregistry.example.com/myteam/myimage

  - npm install

    # ...

Since it is a private registry, I followed the instructions provided by gitlab and created under Settings -> Variables a variable DOCKER_AUTH_CONFIG, and used the contents of my local ~/.docker/config.json as value.

However, gitlab is not able to pull my image:

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.8.0-rc.1 (1fd3fd4)
Using Docker executor with image privateregistry.example.com/myteam/myimage ...
Pulling docker image privateregistry.example.com/myteam/myimage ...
ERROR: Preparation failed: unauthorized: authentication required
Will be retried in 3s ...

What am I missing?

  • If your secret contains unprintable characters you can also hit an issue with escaping of special characters. Special characters that may mess you up include $ and % and ^ and ~ and others. – Warren P Dec 7 '16 at 23:53

I didn't do anything wrong. Today, after clicking on "Rebuild", it just works.

Edit: Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Thanks to gitlab.com for beeing reliable, guess I will need to setup my own runners.

  • It would be clearer if you said "Gitlab.com" when you mean "the public gitlab at gitlab.com". Gitlab is a program that can be installed on your own server. Gitlab.com is a public service using that program. – Warren P Dec 7 '16 at 23:54

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