I am using the following code to make plots:

   fig, axes = plt.subplots(len(pairs), 3, figsize=(12, 324))
    for i, pair in enumerate(pairs):
        d = pd.DataFrame(columns=[pairs[0], pairs[1]])
        e = df_norm[list(pair)]
        ax0 = axes[i,0]
        ax1 = axes[i,1]
        ax2 = axes[i,2]

        d[pair[0]] = np.random.normal(e[pair[0]],0.02)
        d[pair[1]] = np.random.normal(e[pair[1]],0.02)

    d.plot.scatter(*pair, ax=ax0, c=col0, linewidths=0, s=2, alpha = 0.7)
    d.plot.scatter(*pair, ax=ax1, c=col1, linewidths=0, s=2, alpha = 0.7)
    d.plot.scatter(*pair, ax=ax2, c=col2, linewidths=0, s=2, alpha = 0.7)


However, my output plot all messed up like:

enter image description here

I try to change figsize=(12, 324) by making 324 bigger or smaller, but neither helps. Is there a way I can put some spaces between each row so the figures won't mess up. Thanks!


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You need to ommit fig.tight_layout() and instead use subplots_adjust.

plt.subplots_adjust(top = 0.99, bottom=0.01, hspace=1.5, wspace=0.4)

with some very extreme values. hspace is the vertical gap between subplots (most probably in units of the subplot-height).

Figure has the same subplots_adjust method, so you can decide which one to chose.


In my opinion, the easiest way is to stick with fig.tight_layout and use h_pad (for height) and w_pad (for width). For example:

fig.tight_layout(h_pad=5, w_pad=5)

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