With ADO.net, if I fill a data adapter without implicitly doing a BeginTransaction, does a "Transaction" happen anyway? If not, then what would be the default isolation level?


No transaction is implicit with the DataAdapter.


To run transaction on your data adapter simply use TransactionScope.

using (var ts = new TransactionScope())
   // do your data adapter related code
   // ...


When using TransactionScope then you can specify IsolationLevel (e.g. Serializable) as well. The default isolation level on TransactionScope is Serializable.


You will need to to explicitly create a transaction. Along with TransactionScope you can use SqlTransaction.

For example:

            var connString = "Data Source=(local);Integrated security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=Northwind";
            var sql = "SELECT * FROM Orders";

            using (var conn = new SqlConnection(connString))
                var da = new SqlDataAdapter(sql, conn);
                var ds = new DataSet();

                // load  data from the data source into the DataSet
                da.Fill(ds, "Orders");

                // start the transaction
                SqlTransaction tran = conn.BeginTransaction();

                // associate transaction with the data adapter command objects
                da.DeleteCommand.Transaction = tran;
                da.InsertCommand.Transaction = tran;
                da.UpdateCommand.Transaction = tran;

                // modify the data in the DataSet
                // submit changes, commit or rollback, and close the connection

                    da.Update(ds, "Orders");
                    // commit if successful
                catch (Exception)

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