I'm trying to match anything between and including style=""
eg: style="whatever:0; morestuff:1; otherstuff:3"


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The pattern will be /style="([^"]*)"/, but may vary a bit depending on what language you're using.

Also if you're trying to do this through javascript, jquery would make this as easy as


If you're trying to do this from another language, use an HTML parsing lib as HTML isn't regular. BeautifulSoup for Python is quite nice.

  • That will work, until you have <div style="some stuff here" id="this-div">, you will end up matching some stuff here" id="this-div, since .* is greedy. You want to use the character class [^"], that is match everything besides a double quote.
    – Benn
    Nov 4, 2010 at 22:05
  • In Notepad++, use style="([^"]*)" (mind the double quotes and mind the leading space). Oct 27, 2015 at 14:10

String under test

style="whatever:0; morestuff:1; otherstuff:3"



Contents of group 1

whatever:0; morestuff:1; otherstuff:3


It is very hard to write a regex-based HTML parser that is correct, secure, and maintainable. If you need to write program that deals with HTML in a robust, reliable, and secure way, you should use a real HTML parsing library like jsoup (Java) or Html Agility Pack (C#). To find an HTML parser for your favorite language, Google: yourlanguage html parser.


If you need to remove all style tags from html (clean inline styles entirely), use this as regexp:


This works for me in sublime text 2-3


for the whole string (untested). do you want the key value pairs retrieved as well?


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