Is there anyway to have the command brew show all the installed or optional dependencies for any given package? It would also be helpful to see which of the install packages are themselves the dependencies of others packages.


You can use info command like.

brew info ffmpeg

It will show you information and dependencies of formula. Also, it shows if this package installed by a tick after name of it.

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    Is there no way to also see which packages depend on the installation you are getting info for? – Oliver Dechant Dec 8 '16 at 0:44
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    @OliverDechant You want brew uses --installed {formula}. – Vic Aug 6 at 7:48
brew deps --tree --installed

Thanks to rob-kovacs for suggesting the --tree addition

See this super helpful article for details: https://blog.jpalardy.com/posts/untangling-your-homebrew-dependencies/ Especially if you're interested in creating a graph of the dependency tree.

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    Specifically, brew deps --tree --installed will show a tree of every installed package and their dependencies. – Rob Kovacs Feb 11 '19 at 15:40

Here is a command that will list all formulas that aren't dependent of any other formulas (leaves) and in front of them list all its dependencies.

brew leaves | xargs brew deps --installed --for-each | sed "s/^.*:/$(tput setaf 4)&$(tput sgr0)/"
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I found the brew deps --tree switch is also very helpful to visualize dependencies just in the command line. From the official doc:

brew deps --tree [--1] [filters] [--annotate] (formulae|--installed):
Show dependencies as a tree. When given multiple formula arguments, output
individual trees for every formula.


brew deps --tree fontconfig


└── freetype
    └── libpng


brew deps --tree --1 fontconfig


└── freetype

and there are more switches explained by:

brew help deps
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brew deps --include-build --tree $(brew leaves)

Convenient alias:

alias brewlist="brew leaves | xargs brew deps --include-build --tree"

This way you will get dependencies printed hierarchically and each package will be printed only once.

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