I have a relatively big matrix of which I would like to compute the single-value decomposition. Using the straight-forward linear/svd function of core.matrix (using the :vectorz implementation) unfortunately leads to an out-of-memory exception -- my machine has comparingly little memory for a dev machine (8GB, Java heap space is set to max at 5GB).

The matrix has the dimensions [422, 23069] and is relatively sparse (~1.74% of the values are non-zero), so my next attempt was converting the matrix to a sparse-matrix:

(def sparse-fs (matrix/sparse-matrix fs))

This surprisingly fails with an ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the Java code. I could work around this by creating a sparse matrix first and then setting the non-zero values:

user> (def sparse-fs (matrix/sparse-matrix [422 23069]))
user> (count
          (fn [row line]
            (fn [col val]
              (when (not (= val 0.0))
                (matrix/mset! sparse-fs row col val)))))

However, calling linear/svd on this sparse matrix also fails, as the protocol for svd is apparently not implemented:

user> (def svd-fs (linear/svd sparse-fs))
CompilerException java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :svd of protocol: 
#'clojure.core.matrix.protocols/PSVDDecomposition found for class: mikera.vectorz.Vector2, 

I'm currently out of ideas on how to progress from here and would appreciate any input on how I could fit my matrix (and the svd computation) into my relatively small memory.

Update: The protocol problem comes from me still trying to use clojure.core.matrix/sparse-matrix, which intended use I apparently don't understand. Instead I can use new-sparse-array which generates an instance implementing AMatrix, for which the decomposition protocol is implemented:

user> (def foo-sparse (matrix/sparse-matrix [422 23069]))
user> (type foo-sparse)
user> (matrix/dimensionality foo-sparse)
user> (def foo-sparse (matrix/new-sparse-array [422 23069]))
user> (matrix/dimensionality foo-sparse)
user> (type foo-sparse)

Unfortunately, when I call linear/svd on this matrix, I'm back at my out of memory error:

1. Caused by java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
   Java heap space

         DoubleArrays.java:  724  mikera.vectorz.util.DoubleArrays/createStorage
               Matrix.java:   45  mikera.matrixx.Matrix/<init>
               Matrix.java:   56  mikera.matrixx.Matrix/create
               Matrix.java:  653  mikera.matrixx.Matrix/createIdentity
        BidiagonalRow.java:  174  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.bidiagonal.BidiagonalRow/handleU
        BidiagonalRow.java:  155  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.bidiagonal.BidiagonalRow/getU
        BidiagonalRow.java:  115  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.bidiagonal.BidiagonalRow/_decompose
        BidiagonalRow.java:   78  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.bidiagonal.BidiagonalRow/decompose
           Bidiagonal.java:   21  mikera.matrixx.decompose.Bidiagonal/decompose
        SvdImplicitQr.java:  177  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.svd.SvdImplicitQr/bidiagonalization
        SvdImplicitQr.java:  154  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.svd.SvdImplicitQr/_decompose
        SvdImplicitQr.java:   89  mikera.matrixx.decompose.impl.svd.SvdImplicitQr/decompose
                  SVD.java:   31  mikera.matrixx.decompose.SVD/decompose
            matrix_api.clj:  334  mikera.vectorz.matrix-api/eval26238/fn
            protocols.cljc: 1150  clojure.core.matrix.protocols$eval21076$fn__21077$G__21067__21084/invoke
               linear.cljc:  105  clojure.core.matrix.linear$svd/invoke

I suspect that this might be related to the vectorz-clj issue 18 that operations on sparse matrices don't produce sparse results.

Any alternatives?


I could work around my memory problem on the svd computation by using the :clatrix implementation. Clatrix doesn't support sparse matrixes, but seems to use less memory on svd computation.

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