I'd like to know how to change the navigation bar title's color. This is how it should be done in swift:

UINavigationBar.appearance().titleTextAttributes =
                             [NSForegroundColorAttributeName : UIColor.white]

How can I replicate that behavior using Xamarin.iOS?

I tried working with the answers here What to use for AttributeName in Xamarin Mac but I couldn't make it work because it could not convert from NSMutableAttributedString to UIStringAttributes.



This is how you do that:

UINavigationBar.Appearance.TitleTextAttributes = new UIStringAttributes
    ForegroundColor = UIColor.White
void StyleNavBar()
        this.NavigationController.NavigationBar.TitleTextAttributes = new UIStringAttributes()
            ForegroundColor = UIColor.White,
            Font = UIFont.FromName("overpass-bold", 14)

In addition to the answer by @eestein I'd like to add that this has to be done in the public override void ViewWillAppear - I've tried to change styles of the NavigationBar in the ViewDidAppear and had many hours of fun, frustration and despair figuring out why something works for others but not for me and if it's not working - then what will :)))

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