I know this is not quite "restful" but, I want to learn if and how I can handle all requests which do not match any of the methods in my REST resource (I want to proxy these requests to another server). For example, it could be a method like:

public Response defaultMethod(@Context HttpServletRequest request, @Context HttpServletResponse response) 
    // do proxying here 

how can I achieve this?



@Path("/{default: .*}")

This works for:

  • http://example.com/someUnexpectedPath
  • http://example.com/someUnexpectedPath/withAdditionalSubPaths
  • http://example.com/someUnexpectedPath/withAdditionalSubPaths?andParams=whatever

One possible option would be to define a custom 404 mapping. Since 404s handles all unmatched requests it should catch all undefined urls.

I added the following this to my web.xml file


Where location is the path you want to direct the request to. Then just define that the call as normal.

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