I've seen Dapper WHERE IN statement with ODBC

But I'm not sure Dapper supports WHERE IN ("String1", "String2") syntax for Postgres. Is this supported? I tried digging through the code but I really don't have the time at the moment. So far I've only seen examples of integers.


_connection.QueryAsync<Lookup>("select * from lookup where lower(discriminator) in @types", new { types = new[] {"Prefix", "Suffix"} });

Results in: PostgresException {"42601: syntax error at or near \"$1\""}


{select * from lookup where lower(discriminator) in $1}
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    Not sure about Postgres, but in TSql you have to put the parenthesis around the paramter like in (@types) because dapper just replaces it with a comma separated list of parameters names that it generates and sets to the values in the collection you pass to it. – juharr Dec 8 '16 at 16:59

If I'm not wrong IN operator in Postgres won't support arrays as parameters. Instead of IN try ANY operator like below:

var query = "SELECT * FROM lookup WHERE LOWER(discriminator) = ANY(@types)";

_connection.QueryAsync<Lookup>(query, new { types = new[] {"Prefix", "Suffix"} });

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