If I have a struct in swift with inside a class attribute and I copy the struct object, is the class attribute copied or passed by reference?


Passed by reference. You can test it. Declare:

class A{}
struct B { let a = A()}


let b = B()
print("A = \(unsafeAddressOf(b.a))")//0x0000600000019450
let b_copy = b
print("A = \(unsafeAddressOf(b_copy.a))")//0x0000600000019450

All properties of a struct are copied (as if you assigned (=) each property of the old struct to the corresponding property of the new struct) when the struct is copied, regardless of type.

When you say "class attribute", I am assuming you mean a variable of reference type. (The type with the same name as a class denotes a reference type for references that point to objects of that class.) Copying a value of reference type (a reference) produces another reference that points to the same object. Note that "objects" are not values in Swift -- there are no "object types" -- rather, objects are always manipulated through references that point to them.

  • Objects can be represented without reference that points to them if it is a value type object (struct) and it has less then 3 words (ivars) in it's contents. Type of those ivars must allow them to be be allocated on stack. In other case object will be allocated on the heap with corresponding pointer. Source developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2016/416 – Alexander Stepanishin Mar 19 '18 at 8:01

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