There is this project in which I have priviledge to, and periodically I would need to update the content of the site.

It is built with laravel 5.3, hosted on linode plus laravel forge.

I made few commits to the remote, it shows the changes on GitHub but the changes does not reflect on the live web app.

Just wondering where am getting it wrong and need people who can guide me.


Your Laravel server needs to add a webhook listener, for listening to a GitHub push event, and deploy the app from the latest pushed commit.

See for instance antonioribeiro/deeployer

This package is intended to be used for those that are hosting their websites in VPS (dedicated server or any other hosting provider that doesn't support web hooks).

Since this package uses Laravel remote (SSH-2) functionality to remote or locally deploy applications, your deployment app can be in one server and deploy applications to others, as many as you need.

Or check out deploybot.com (there is a free plan)

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