Is it possible to pass control from one LUIS method to another, or how to create a method that can be shared by several LUIS methods in the same way (something like a default reaction if the intent score is too low)?

  • Is there anything blocking you to call the second Luis method? Or do you want to recall Luis? – Ezequiel Jadib Dec 9 '16 at 12:31

You can pass control from one Luis Method to another:

    public async Task IntentOneHandler(IDialogContext context, LuisResult result)
        await IntentTwoHandler(context, result);

    public async Task IntentTwoHandler(IDialogContext context, LuisResult result)
        await context.PostAsync("IntentTwoResponse");

And the "None" intent should fire when no good intent match is found:

    public async Task NoneHandler(IDialogContext context, LuisResult result)
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