Recently I'm not able to copy a parsed request payload from Chrome DevTools. Button is disabled. I'm able to copy normal POST and GET request but not a parsed JSON payload.

Chrome Request Payload - view parsed

This is huge pain in the ... Anyone know the solution for it?


Came to your question having the same problem.

My solution: Select the text with your mouse pointer and make sure you are not selecting more than the whole content, then try again.

I was selecting more than the contents by triple clicking it and it wouldn't let me copy, probably a bug in chrome.

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    Nice one. Most people (me included) will probably double click the field until all is selected, not realizing that it is selecting outside of the "copyable" area. – Hanlet Escaño Jan 11 '17 at 20:47

you can switch between view-source and view-parsed. They are clickable options.

enter image description here


Similarly to what @NickBrady said:

  1. Click on the item that you would like under the network tab.
  2. Click the Response tab.
  3. Copy the response
  4. In Chrome console type copy(JSON.parse('{paste the response}')) [hit enter] NOTE: You have to wrap the response in quotes for JSON.parse() to work.
  5. The pretty formatted version of the response is now in your clipboard. Paste it where ever you need. :)

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