I understand that two interlocked operations on a single variable are ordered. Other than this, is there any ordering guarantee for interlocked operations on two different variables?

In c++, we have memory_order_seq_cst semantic which guarantees that


There shall be a single total order S on all memory_order_seq_cst operations, consistent with the “happens before” order and modification orders for all affected locations, ...

EDIT: If we limit the discussion to x86, there's a memory model called x86-TSO which specifies the ordering between two LOCK prefixed operations.

To execute a LOCK’d instruction, a thread must first obtain the global lock. At the end of the instruction, it flushes its store buffer and relinquishes the lock. While the lock is held by one thread, no other thread can read.

According to the above rule, two interlocked operations will be globally ordered on x86.

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