I need a user authentication token defined in the SessionControllerto be available in layout/app.html.eex.

My SessionController defines a token and assigns it to a conn.

token = Phoenix.Token.sign(conn, "user socket", user)

assign(conn, :user_token, token)

Then when I try to use the token in app.html.eex like the following,

 <script>window.userToken = "<%= assigns[:user_token] %>"</script>


 <script>window.userToken = "<%= @user_token %>"</script>

I get this error: (ArgumentError) assign @user_token not available in eex template.


conn.assigns are reset on every request. If you want to store something in SessionController and have it available in future requests, you can use put_session;

In your SessionController:

token = Phoenix.Token.sign(conn, "user socket", user)
|> put_session(:user_token, token)
|> render(...)

Then, to access it in other controllers, you can use:

token = get_session(conn, :user_token)

To access it in multiple templates, you can then add a plug to the appropriate pipeline(s) in your Router:

pipeline :browser do
  plug :fetch_user_token


def fetch_user_token(conn, _) do
  |> assign(:user_token, get_session(conn, :user_token))

Now you can access the token in any template with @user_token (or assigns[:user_token] or assigns.user_token or @conn.assigns[:user_token] or @conn.assigns.user_token; all will give the same result here).

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