How can I link a Qt5 application with the Qt5 debugging symbols? I don't use qmake or CMake, but a custom-made Makefile.

I have installed the qtbase5-dbg package (Ubuntu/apt-get), and look at the files installed by it:

$ dpkg-query -L qtbase5-dbg

# Bunch of other similar files 


So, there is no explicit .so library with debugging symbols, but other files instead.

Could anyone please give me a sample g++ line with debugging symbols for Qt5 libraries enabled (for gdb debugging)?


The Qt5 debugging symbols was correctly found by gdb inside the /usr/lib/debug/.build-id folder. I did just need to wait the Qt's dynamic libraries are loaded before using them:

$ gdb ./myapp
(gdb) start # (1)
(gdb) break any_Qt's_function

start runs the executable with a breakpoint set in main. So, when the program reachs main, gdb breaks, and you can then set new breakpoints in Qt's functions because the dynamic libraries, and their debugging files, are, at last, loaded.

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