I'm using dplyr to manipulate some data. Initially I apply some filtering then I use group_by to calculate groupwise aggregation.

But I want to create a new variable that is just the percent of total observations in the group. So the sum of this variable will always be 1 when taken across all groups.

Example code block

gaData1 %>%
  filter(deviceCategory == "tablet" & !is.na(SpeedBucket)) %>%
  group_by(SpeedBucket) %>%
  summarize(SampleSize = sum(speedMetricsSample),
            Subscriptions = (sum(goal1Completions, na.rm=T) + sum(goal2Completions, na.rm=T))) %>%
         SampleBucketSubscriptions = Subscriptions / SampleSize,
         ConversionRate = SampleBucketSubscriptions / SampleBucket) %>%
  write.csv("all_data.csv", row.names=FALSE)

In my mutate() function I want to create a variable SampleBucket where the numerator is the groupwise sum of speedMetricsSample (from summarize function) and the denominator is the total for the variable across all groups but also applying the same filter that's used at the start of the block.

Put another way, After I have created a new aggregated data set using filter, group_by and summarize, I want to take the new variable I built with summarize() and use it within mutate(). Since I want to maintain the filtering applied at the start I cannot just get the sum of the initial data frame from fresh e.g.

Not what I want for my denominator

sum(gaData1$speedMetricsSample) # gives total for variable not including the filtering I created

What I want but without having to write and specify the filter again

sum(filter(gaData1, deviceCategory == "tablet" & !is.na(SpeedBucket))$speedMetricsSample)

Is there a clever way to tell R to momentarily step out of within group aggregation, get the sum total for the data frame and then come back inside the group by?

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    dplyr::ungroup. You will have to rebuild the groups again if you use ungroup. – timtrice Dec 11 '16 at 21:08
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    You can reference ., which is the data.frame passed by the previous function, so .$speedMetricsSample is the whole passed variable, whereas speedMetricsSample is just the values for the group. – alistaire Dec 11 '16 at 21:15

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