I've been trying to shut down kubernetes cluster , but I couldn't managed to do it.

When I type

kubectl cluster-info

I can see that my cluster is still running.

I tried commands like running script


but it didn't work.

I deleted all pods. How can I shut it down ?

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    This depends on how you created the cluster. It isn't possible to manage the cluster infrastructure via kubectl. You have to provide more information. – svenwltr Dec 12 '16 at 8:28
  • kube-down.sh will work on a cluster brought up using kube-up. I second what the comment above said. This needs further detail. – Anirudh Ramanathan Dec 14 '16 at 0:39

The tear down section of the official documentation says:

To undo what kubeadm did, you should first drain the node and make sure that the node is empty before shutting it down.

Talking to the master with the appropriate credentials, run:

kubectl drain <node name> --delete-local-data --force --ignore-daemonsets 
kubectl delete node <node name>

Then, on the node being removed, reset all kubeadm installed state:

kubeadm reset

You cannot use kubectl stop command as it has been deprecated. If you have created pods using a yaml file, I suggest you use kubectl delete -f <filename>.yml to stop any running pod.

You can also delete service associated with running pods by using the following command:

# Delete pods and services with same names "baz" and "foo"
kubectl delete pod,service baz foo

When using kube-down.sh you've to make sure that all the environment variables which were adjusted for the kube-up.sh are also used during the shut down. See also

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