Issue Description

My two apps (a free app and a pro app) point to the same parse database.

Expected Results

I want Push Notifications working in both two apps.

Actual Outcome

While for now, only one app can send push notification successfully.

Steps to reproduce

Besides sending notifications by my apps, I also tried to send push by dashboard. The result is same, only one app works, another fails to get the notification.

Environment Setup

I'm trying the way in Github #2188. I also refer to following two links: https://www.parse.com/questions/push-to-multiple-apps Multiple apps in a single parse server

But all didn't work.

Thanks so much for helping out.

My cloud code in index.js are:

  • { }push: { ios: [
    { pfx: __dirname+'/push_certs/DevPushLoveAgainPro.p12', // Dev PFX or P12 bundleId: 'com.app1', production: false // Dev },
    { pfx: __dirname+'/push_certs/ApplePushLoveAgainPro.p12', // Prod PFX or P12 bundleId: 'com.app1', production: true // Prod }, { pfx: __dirname+'/push_certs/DevPushLoveAgainFree.p12', // Prod PFX or P12 bundleId: 'com.app2', production: false // Prod },
    { pfx: __dirname+'/push_certs/ApplePushLoveAgainFree.p12', // Prod PFX or P12 bundleId: 'com.app2', production: true // Prod } ] }

    Parse.Cloud.define("push", function(request, response) { var id = request.params.toUser; getUser(id).then (
    function(user) {
    var query = new Parse.Query(Parse.Installation); query.equalTo("user", user); Parse.Push.send({ where: query, data: request.params.data }, { useMasterKey: true, success: function() { response.success('Success!!!!!!!!!!!'); }, error: function(error) { response.error('Error!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ' + error.message); } });


    );});function getUser(userId){ var userQuery = new Parse.Query(Parse.User); userQuery.equalTo("objectId", userId); return userQuery.first ({ useMasterKey: true, success: function(userRetrieved) { return userRetrieved; }, error: function(error) { return error; } }); };

  • Did you check if the Installation collection (in parse-dashboard) contain entries of both bundle identifiers? – Ran Hassid Dec 12 '16 at 19:40
  • @RanHassid, thanks so much for replying. What do you mean by 'contain entries of both bundle identifiers' ? My two apps share the same parse db, and I can save data successfully. – Paradise Dec 13 '16 at 9:10
  • Under your installation collection you should see which app is registered.. there you need to make sure that both app are registered – Ran Hassid Dec 13 '16 at 11:40
  • @RanHassid, sorry, I'm using SaShiDo; I can see data from 2 apps in db with different appIdentifiers. – Paradise Dec 13 '16 at 11:47
  • So i think the issue is with your certificate.. – Ran Hassid Dec 13 '16 at 13:16

So, at here, when we generate p12 files from KeyChain, we shouldn't involve the private key, even you don't add password. So just ignore the private key when generating p12 files.

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