From my parent react component's render method I am creating a list of child radio button components.

I need to call a method once the render is completed, i.e., children components are also rendered completely.

I tried following mechanism:

  1. passed a callback: It didn't worked. It was called before rendering.
  2. called the method directly in componentDidMount. Same issue
  3. called the method in componentDidUpdate. Same issue

I am passing all the data through props to parent -> child and there is no redux involved.

How I can achieve this ?

  • Please show the code you have written. You probably don't need cDM/cDU. – David L. Walsh Dec 12 '16 at 10:42

simply wrap in a timeout in the parent component's componentDidMount

componentDidMount() {
   setTimeout(this.myMethod, 1000/60)

componentDidUpdate is not invoked on the initial render, hence you cannot use it.

  • Didn't worked. I did following componentDidMount() { setTimeout(this.myMethod, 2000) } – mukesh joshi Dec 12 '16 at 11:04
  • 1
    Thanks. It worked. It didn't initially as i was directly calling my method and I just changed it to an anonymous call and it worked. – mukesh joshi Dec 12 '16 at 18:54

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