I want to make unit test with mocha, jsdom chai and enzyme. I have already make some unit test and they work well.

However, components which are connect to apollo store doesn't work... I have an error.

This is a test with a component connected to apollo store:

import React from 'react';
import { expect } from 'chai';
import { shallow } from 'enzyme';
import sinon from 'sinon';

import ReviewList from '../../src/components/tibco/review-list/review-list';
import NewReview from '../../src/components/tibco/review-list/new-review';

const data = {
  loading: false,
  allCodeReviews: {
    edges: {
      node: {
        id: "Q29kZVJldmlld05vZGU6MQ==",
        reference: 4545,
        reviewer: "John",
        revisionDate: "2016-11-25",
        redmineUrl: "http://url.4545.com",
        flow: {
          id: "Rmxvd05vZGU6MQ==",
          name: "foo"
  allUsers: {
    edges: {
      node: {
        username: "John"
  allFlows: {
    edges: {
      node: {
        name: "Foo",
        id: "Rmxvd05vZGU6MQ=="
var selectRowProp = {
  mode: "checkbox",
  clickToSelect: true,
  bgColor: "rgb(238, 193, 213)"

describe('<ReviewList />', () => {
  it('Foo test...', () => {
    const wrapper = shallow(
        <ReviewList data={data} selectRowProp={selectRowProp}/>

And this is the component ReviewList:

const ReviewList = graphql(allCodeReviews)(React.createClass({
      propTypes: {
        data: PropTypes.shape({
          loading: PropTypes.bool.isRequired,
          allCodeReviews: PropTypes.object,
          allFlows: PropTypes.object,
          allUsers: PropTypes.object

      render() {
        if (this.props.data.loading == true) {
          return <center>Waiting...</center>
        return (

When I run npm test, I have this trace log:

> tibco-frontend@0.1.0 test D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react
> mocha --compilers js:babel-register tests/index.js

  <ReviewList />
Warning: Failed context type: Required context `store` was not specified in `Apollo(ReviewList)`.
    in Apollo(ReviewList)
Warning: Failed context type: Required context `client` was not specified in `Apollo(ReviewList)`.
    in Apollo(ReviewList)
    1) Foo test...

  0 passing (44ms)
  1 failing

  1) <ReviewList /> Foo test...:
     Invariant Violation: Could not find "client" in the context of "Apollo(ReviewList)". Wrap the root component in an
      at invariant (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react-apollo\node_modules\invariant\invariant
      at new GraphQL (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react-apollo\graphql.js:138:17)
      at D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\ReactCompositeComponent.js:294:18
      at measureLifeCyclePerf (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\ReactCompositeComponent.
      at [object Object].ReactCompositeComponentMixin._constructComponentWithoutOwner (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tib
      at [object Object].ReactCompositeComponentMixin.mountComponent (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_mod
      at Object.ReactReconciler.mountComponent (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\ReactRe
      at [object Object].ReactShallowRenderer._render (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\
      at _batchedRender (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\ReactTestUtils.js:383:12)
      at ReactDefaultBatchingStrategyTransaction.Mixin.perform (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\r
      at Object.ReactDefaultBatchingStrategy.batchedUpdates (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\reac
      at Object.batchedUpdates (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\ReactUpdates.js:98:20)
      at [object Object].ReactShallowRenderer.render (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\react\lib\R
      at [object Object].render (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\enzyme\build\react-compat.js:146
      at new ShallowWrapper (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\enzyme\build\ShallowWrapper.js:81:21
      at shallow (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\enzyme\build\shallow.js:21:10)
      at Context.<anonymous> (review-list.spec.js:52:21)
      at callFn (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runnable.js:315:21)
      at Test.Runnable.run (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runnable.js:308:7)
      at Runner.runTest (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:422:10)
      at D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:533:12
      at next (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:342:14)
      at D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:352:7
      at next (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:284:14)
      at Immediate._onImmediate (D:\Outils dev\_projet_pycharm\tibco_react\node_modules\mocha\lib\runner.js:320:5)

npm ERR! Test failed.  See above for more details.

Is there a way to disconnect this component just for unit test?


First, you can separate the definition of your component from the wrapping of it in Apollo's graphql() HOC. Then, you can continue to export default the Apollo-ized component, but you can export the bare component as a named export:

export const ReviewList = React.createClass({
  // ...

export default graphql(allCodeReviews)(ReviewList);

...in your normal code, where you want it to be connected through Apollo, you'd continue to import the default like this:

import ReviewList from 'components/tibco/review-list/review-list';

...but in your unit test code, you'd used the named import like this:

import { ReviewList } from 'components/tibco/review-list/review-list';
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  • I knew this syntax but I did not see its usefulness... It's very simple but clever. Now it works but I have an error with Object.assign() in my component... However, you have well answered, thanks a lot! – Neau Adrien Dec 13 '16 at 8:55
  • 2
    Clever but it does not work when there are nested dependencies and you need to mount =( – MVCDS Apr 13 '17 at 16:40

You should put your component into a "MockedProvider" in your unit tests.

<MockedProvider mocks={mocks} addTypename={false}>

The mocks array here takes objects with specific GraphQL requests and their results.

const mocks = [
    request: {
    result: {
      data: {
        [...put your data here],

Here you can find more explanation.

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  • 1
    This way of testing forces you to use mount instead of shallow which is not a good practice. Its better to use export the un-component as the answer above suggests – gregkerzhner Jun 25 '19 at 16:32
  • 1
    It is not true that mount is not a good practice. It is also how Apollo suggests to write unit tests in their official documentation. – Can Kayacan Nov 20 '19 at 8:48

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