I'm try to figure out how to handle the following scenario. In general, i have a bunch of records in a table. All of these have ID and ParentID fields to form a tree.

 - Page2
 - Page3
 - Page5
 -- Page6

Now, i want my routes for Page3 and Page6 to be like /Page1/Page6 and /Page3/Page5/Page6 respectivelly. That is, i want to include all parents in the URL.

How to set my controller action/routing to achieve the above result?

Edit: Forgot to mention that the above structure will be dynamic - nodes can be added/deleted/change parent, etc.


You could use a wildcard match.

A possible route:

routes.MapRoute("SomeName", "{*Page}", new { controller = "ControllerName", action = "ActionName" });

and in the action accept the string Page, and parse it manually, perhaps with a split?

This might also be useful: URL Routing

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    Thanks, helped a lot. Saved my time. – Michael Samteladze Sep 21 '16 at 14:15
  • @MichaelSamteladze np, that was nearly eight years ago :) – ccook Sep 22 '16 at 14:15

Note that the controller name and action are fixed and not based on the url.

// place the more specific route first
routes.MapRoute("r1", "{parent}/{child}/{subchild}", 
    new { controller = "Page", action = "Index", parent = parent, child = child, subchild = subchild });

routes.MapRoute("r2", "{parent}/{child}", 
    new { controller = "Page", action = "Index", parent = parent, child = child });

public class PageController
    public ActionResult Index(string parent, string child, string? subchild)
        // stuff
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You should use

routes.MapRoute("Page6", "Page3/Page5/Page6", new { controller = "Page6", action = "Index" });

or maybe using Regular Expression Routing


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