Apologies for the beginner's React Native question....

I am putting together an animation on ListView scroll:

<ListView scrollEventThrottle={16}
        Animated.event([{nativeEvent: {contentOffset: { y: this.state.animTranslateY}}}]

<Animated.View style={[{height: 50, 
    position: 'absolute', 
    right: 0, 
    left: 0, 
    top: 0, 
    transform: [{ translateY: this.state.animTranslateY.interpolate({
        inputRange: [0, this.state.infoHeight],
        outputRange: [this.state.infoHeight, 0] }) }]

I want to limit the animation so that, once the user has scrolled a certain distance (say, 100 pixels), the event no longer occurs, effectively fixing the animated view in place.

I've tried to insert a conditional in the onScroll event (if (event.nativeEvent.contentOffset.y < 100) {}) but my syntax is off. I've tried creating a separate function but can't get this to work with Animated.event (and plain event produces a jolty effect, even with scrollEventThrottle).

Can anyone recommend how to properly inset the conditional? Or else produce a function using Animated.event?


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Maybe you should try ScrollView instead. It has prop scrollEnabled which you can turn to false when you don't want user to be able to scroll any more. ScrollView also has onScroll so it should be easy to implement the logic here.

Here are the docs for ScrollView: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/scrollview.html#scrollenabled

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the design calls for the ListView/ScrollView to continue scrolling even after the Animated.View has reached its destination. In appearance, it's intended to be similar to a second SectionHeader. Dec 12, 2016 at 21:25

Use extrapolate clamp to do this. From the docs: ‘By default, it will extrapolate the curve beyond the ranges given, but you can also have it clamp the output value.’ By clamping your output value you will stop your animation once it hits the last output value.

transform: [{ translateY: this.state.animTranslateY.interpolate({
    inputRange: [0, this.state.infoHeight],
    outputRange: [this.state.infoHeight, 0] }) }],
    extrapolate: 'clamp'

This code will stop translating once your inputRange hits this.state.infoHeight.

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