I'm pretty comfortable using Docker recently, typically to test websites to make sure they run properly on servers before I deploy them.

Typically, I mount my local directory to the locally running image like:

docker run -v c:\temp\website:/var/www/html (you get the picture)

What I am curious about is if there is a way to mount my local volume to a remote server running docker. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, unless I poke wholes in firewalls and such to make a local volume share externally.

But, I thought I would ask. Docker seems to be doing some amazing things quickly.


  • From what I have read docker volumes must exist on the host, they cannot be from a remote source. I've been looking to do the opposite of you want to do. A local container with a remote volume. – Benjamin Slabbert Sep 28 '17 at 8:31
  • I did a look up for volume drivers and found this: See: flocker. Which won't help your situation, but provides a way to use remote volumes – Benjamin Slabbert Sep 28 '17 at 8:37
  1. First share your local directory in Windows. Lets assume your shared folder is \\windowsip\website.
  2. Then login into the remote linux machine where docker engine is running, and be sure you can mount a windows shared folder: sudo apt install cifs-utils
  3. Try to connect to your share: sudo mount -t cifs -o user=******,password=******,uid=ubuntu,gid=ubuntu //windowsip/website /home/ubuntu/website
  4. When everything is working lets do the same with docker. Create a named volume as follows: docker volume create --driver local --opt type=cifs --opt device='//windowsip/website' --opt o='username=*****,password=*****' website
  5. docker run -v website:/var/www/html

I know it is an old thread but just I had the same problem, hope it helps to others

Okey Okey I didn't read the last part of the question. Yes, you need to poke holes in the firewall. But still is useful, I have a linux server with docker and I use it via VPN when I work from home in my laptop. The container has local access to everything.


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    We don't need VPN here - how about forwarding the local cifs port (445) with the ssh connection? – Michał Kapracki Dec 17 '19 at 13:15

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