I just watched the Daniel Egloff interview on Channel9 and noticed he was using a MacBook Pro. https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Seth-Juarez/Radically-Simplified-GPU-Programming-with-C

Is it possible to run Alea GPU inside a Parallels or VMWare VM on a MacBook Pro?

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No this is not possible. The GPU in a Mac BookPro does not allow GPU virtualization.

GPU virtualization requires two things:

  1. a GPU that supports GPU pass through. Only specific GPUs support the NVIDIA GPU virtualization tech, these are the NVIDIA M40, the K80 available in Azure or the older K1, K2 Grid or the K520 in AWS.
  2. a hypervisor that can handle GPU pass through, such as Xen or vSphere or the new Hyper-V on Windows 2016 Server

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